National Prize for Publishing 2011.

Since its founding in Barcelona in 2004,
Libros del Zorro Rojo has established itself as a publisher of reference of illustrated works.

A large part of its catalogue are of its own creation, and most of these are published in co-edition with renowned publishing houses in Europe and South-America. Their catalogue is built around the marked intention to value an aesthetic and literary experience, as well as an opportunity to develop a cultural and social sensibility among readers.

The children’s catalogue includes works by established authors and illustrators such as Julio Cortázar and Emilio Urberuaga, Eduardo Galeano and Antonio Santos, Pablo Neruda and Elena Odriozola, Jose Saramago and Manuel Estrada, Federico García Lorca and Javier Zabala, Jacques Prévert and Elsa Henriquez, Gianni Rodari and Alessandro Sanna, as well as a selection of works by renowned international authors, such as Xan López Domínguez, Éric Battut, Einar Turkowski, Nikolaus Heidelbach, Hannes Binder, Suzy Lee, Wanda Gág,
Pia Valentinis or Bernardo.

Their catalogue for adolescents and adults features classic authors of universal literature such as Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Louis Stevenson, Franz Kafka, Herman Melville or Jack London, along with George Orwell, Charles Baudelaire or Charles Bukowski, whose works are interpreted by artists of the caliber of Harry Clarke, Aubrey Beardsley, Marc Chagall, Pat Andrea, Robert Crumb, Lorenzo Mattotti, Ralph Steadman, Carlos Nine, Luis Sacafati, Pablo Páez, Enrique Breccia, Alfredo B. Bedoya and José Muñoz. In their line of contemporary classics of Hispanoamerican literature, writes such as Juan Gelman, Mario Benedetti, Nicolás Guillén, Alejandra Pizarnik, Eduardo Galeano or Ricardo Piglia, headline, from different genres, a cast of works illustrated by Carlos Alonso, Antonio Seguí, Arnal Ballester, Santiago Caruso or Isidro Ferrer, among others.

With over 120 published titles, Libros del Zorro Rojo is an independent publishing house of illustrated works that continues to look to new horizons.